Rock Steady Boxing Chicago is thrilled to announce the return of in-person boxing! Rock Steady Boxing classes will be offered through Movement Revolution, under the direction of Eric Johnson and his team of Neuro Exercise Specialists. Eric has worked with people with Parkinson’s for 12 years, five of which he spent at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab where he worked with physical therapists and developed several PD programs. He founded Movement Revolution 7 years ago to provide better access to evidence-based community exercise programs for PWP. He then started Rock Steady Windy City a year later and has helped over 800 PWP find their way to living stronger with PD. Eric has established a team of highly experienced and qualified coaches to help re-start and grow our Rock Steady community in Glen Ellyn and Elgin. 


All boxers will need to schedule an assessment before returning to boxing. All assessments will take place in Glen Ellyn. Each assessment will take approximately 1 - 1.5 hours. It includes a gait analysis, two balance screenings, upper and lower body strength, and a goal setting discussion. Current RSBC boxers will receive this assessment free of charge. Assessment will determine which class is appropriate. Class times will be dependent upon how many boxers we have, but the plan is to still offer the same number of classes throughout the week. The schedule will be clearly communicated by Eric and his team once assessments have started.


What Should You Do Next?

Call Movement Revolution now to set up your assessment at (312) 465-3921. The sooner we get everyone assessed, the sooner we can get the classes started!


If you’d like to learn more about Movement Revolution, check out their website at You can also call or email any questions you may have to Eric at (312)465-3921 or


Health & Safety Precautions

Please note that we will be adhering to social distancing within the classes and that masks will be required to be worn at all times by fighters, coaches, and family members. All participants will also go through a health screening before each class begins.  

Class Locations


Elgin Centre

100 Symphony Center (east side of Elgin, near the downtown area)

Elgin, IL 60120

(847) 531-7000


Glen Ellyn

Movement Revolution Glen Ellyn

3S012 IL 53 (Rt 53 and Butterfield Rd area)

Adjacent to the Abbington Banquet Hall

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

(312) 465-3921