About Rock Steady and Parkinson's

Rock Steady is a non-contact, boxing-inspired fitness program moving the body in all planes of motion.
Each session challenges the boxer to continuously progress and have fun at the same time!  RSB works to lessen symptoms and improve quality of life for all levels of Parkinson's.


Rock Steady Chicago classes are currently divided into three levels based on each person’s unique Parkinson’s symptoms and overall level of fitness.  We require all potential boxers to complete an assessment with one of our coaches to determine the class placement that would be of greatest benefit to them. Participants are welcome at one or both locations for unlimited classes.

RSB workouts may involve:  Strength training, reaction time and balance, focus mitts, heavy bags, jump ropes, core work, flexibility and stretching, and circuit weight training.

Research has confirmed the benefits of Rock Steady!

A 2-year study at the University of Indianapolis found that "boxers demonstrated significantly better balance and walking function over time...compared to people who chose other forms of exercise. The survey responses also indicated a higher perceived quality of life among the Rock Steady participants."

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