RSB provides a unique outlet for people with Parkinson's (PWP). In addition to physiological benefits, participants form bonds while working together and encouraging one another.

A Real Sense of Community

"I always knew how important exercise is for PWP, but I just couldn't motivate myself to stick with anything until Rock Steady. It's all about the people. The coaches, the volunteers, and all the other PWP, are so encouraging and caring. We work hard but we have a blast! It gives me hope for the future."  Natalie 

"Rock Steady Boxing became a life changing activity. Before RSB, I'd whine if my husband parked far from a store, declaring "but I have Parkinson's!" Now I walk a mile or more without even batting an eye or complaining.  Improved my stamina, balance, mood, and seems to make my meds last longer. Plus, we get to hit things!"  Teresa

" I was diagnosed with Parkinson's  in August 2013 and became aware of RSB in January 2014.  Since my affiliation with RSB I feel it has been extremely helpful for me. I have seen some of my classmates come to RSB with walkers, and after a few classes walking on their own. I believe all this was made possible  because of RSB."  Carol

"I was lucky enough to have found RSB a couple of months ago, shortly after retiring from my job. If I had to describe in one word what RSB has done for me, it would be "rejuvenated". I am not only stronger in mind, body and spirit, I have also found the support of my new family..... the very caring, positive and encouraging trainers as well as my amazing fellow boxing friends. I am blessed!  Thank you RSB!!!"  Gerri

"RSB Chicago's cup runs over with enthusiasm, professional knowledge, and most of all PASSION, originating from both Susan and Mark, and then feeds back and forth from one to another and back again. Come and see for yourself the impact this passion, and being positive, has on us all. "  Joe 

"RSB is not just a class to the coaches- they really care for us! They teach me how to do the exercises properly, but also how to modify if I can't, yet I am always challenged to reach for the next level. I am stronger and have better balance. I have support and understanding from my new PD friends.
Love these people!"  Ginger

"I've been coming to RSB for just over a year. I've had great improvements in strength, balance and flexibility. I'm in the best shape since high school. On my last visit to my neurologist he indicated the severity of my Parkinsonism was 50% less than it was 6 months earlier. Susan, Mark, and our volunteers, are true "Difference Makers" in bringing hope to myself and my fellow RSB Fighters to fight back against PD."  Randy

"They really work with you and moving more.
Awesome team!"  Carmen

"I've always loved exercise, but after being diagnosed with Parkinson's I just didn't have the energy.  On the rare times I dragged myself to the gym, it seemed like all the exercise programs were boring and repetitive.  I love the boxing and the variety of stretching and strength exercises.  I always feel better after the class.  It is also great to know that my fellow classmates understand how I feel."  Cheri